FAQ по созданию и редактированию цифрового видео


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OS. Most capture cards work with Windows 9.x. If you want to go to NT, which is more reliable, you are limited by MIRO DC 30+, DC50+, which are more expensive. And, NT may have problems with IDE drives performance. You have to enable DMA mode by editing the registry. SCSI solutions are very expensive.

Actually, the best results can be obtained with digital cameras. Sony will began selling new digital 8 format cameras, costing about $800 and working with standard Hi8 cassettes, recording in digital video DV format. The cost is lower than for miniDV, but it is still digital video from the very beginning. You will need IEEE1394 card, costing $500 to make fully digital broadcast quality studio.

The best capture card for analog signals is Miro DC 30. It can capture with very high data rate, play from Adobe Premiere timeline, has no explicit limitation on avi length. Matrox RR-G card is limited by 3 M/sec compared with 7 M/sec for Miro, but also can capture and play long files (file sets, to be accurate). The cost is about $250 for Marvel combo card, instead of $900 for Miro. Matrox card can play several ready files from Ulead Mediastudio Pro 5.x timeline, but not from Premiere. If you use Ulead for video editing, you have the same features as Miro has with Premiere. I do not like MSPRO, so I have to render movie in parts with Premiere, import them to MSPRO and output to tape from its timeline. But, I need at least 1.5 times more disk space for that.

There are many other solutions, but I do not know how they work.

So, your expences are :

$1000 for very common PC with one system disk.

$760 for capture disk array of 40 GB, or just $160 for one 17 G disk.

$250 for matrox card or $900 for Miro or $500 for IEEE1394 card + $800 for digital 8 camera.

Minimum is $1400, but it will be necessary to add there an SVHS deck to store the master copies of your production on SVHS tape for later copying to VHS. The cost is about $1000, total $2400. Minimal computer hardware cost is $1400 (one 17 G drive only), and this is the difference with the best solution - you can start with less money and then upgrade to full capabilities. Maximum PC hardware cost comes to over $2000 for 65 GB disk array. Note that this huge hard drive still can fit only 5 hours of video in the best MJPEG compression scheme of Matrox card.

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