FAQ по созданию и редактированию цифрового видео


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The best solution is Digital 8 camera + IEEE1394 card. You record your video in digital form and output it to the camcorder in digital format also. Store the digital cassettes as master copies for VHS copying. You always have the quality of the original recording, which is also much better than SVHS . The cost of solution is $1760 + 800 + 500 = $3000, or with disks savings (you can reduce disk space requirements in this case and save up to $600 on disks - you already have digital storage inside the source camera) , $2400 only! Note, that 3 hours of DV format take 42 GB of hard drive space, so with the most expensive option you are able to export your video from the herd drive in one pass.

The last option is to use MIRO. The cost seems to be $600 more, and you have to buy several disks from the beginning, and SVHS deck in the future. The full functional studio will be more than $3600 in cost and still limited to analog video quality.

I recommend to start with either:

a) Matrox Marvel + PC + 10 G drive = $1350, entry level workspace with limited capabilities. Add here the ~$500 cost of (Hi8) camcorder to compare with option b.

b) Or with PC+IEEE1394 card + digital 8 camera + 10 G disk = $2400, but you have new camera and all digital equipment.

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