FAQ по созданию и редактированию цифрового видео


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Вопрос звучит так. Я оставлю написание в исходном виде:

Сhto optimalno dlia oborudovania rabochego mesta dla videomontaja fil'mov s VHS kachestvom? Digital camera + PC ili AVmaster-like-equipped PC only.. And what are requirements for PC (CPU, RAM, ets.)

Optimizaciya po otnosheniyu CENA / KACHESTVO..

Тяжело это читать, а писать-то каково было? Тем более на смеси языков…

Ответ был дан по английски, я его немного подправлю по цифрам, перевод будет позже.

Is a source of your video a VHS or SVHS camera?

There is a big difference in quality between VHS and SVHS, and especially with digital video.

You know that a generation loss while copying VHS to VHS is very noticeable. You can not escape it with digital processing.

If you have S-VHS camera, use S-VHS connections too.

For VHS camera, it is better to digitize directly from its realtime signal, although it may not be possible.

OK, let us count.

You can use any PC computer with 128 MB RAM, PII - 350 of faster processor. The faster- the better, Celeron working at 450 MHz being the best cost -effective solution.

You need a lot of disk space - from 30 to 60 GB, depending on what quality you need. The most cost-effective solution is to buy 1-4 UDMA hard drives specifically for AVI capture. Buy Promise Technology FastTrak IDE RAID controller. It is not available in Russia, but you can buy it via the Internet. The cost is only $100. You can connect several hard drives to it and configure them as one big drive with multiplied transfer rate and capacity. The controller works as an additional PCI card, leaving built-in motherboard IDE controllers free. My opinion is to use cheap high capacity drives like Fujitsu 10-17 G. They are fast enouhg and cool (in temperature). I have two in my home computer and can capture not less than 9 MB/sec on their full capacity, continuously. Two drives connected via RAID controller give you 20-35 GB space with very fast performance. The cost of each is well below $170. Be sure not to use AVI capture drive as system drive.

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